Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Back to School 2009

Tuesday was the kids 1st day of preschool. They're both going 1/2 day on Tuesdays and from 8:30-3 on Thursdays. That's nearly 10 whole hours a week of child-free time for me- twice what I've had before......until February. Wahoo!
Trip wasn't too thrilled to have his picture taken that morning. Maybe it was because his backpack is 2/3 the size of his body? They said that his backpack had to be big enough for him to carry all of his stuff himself for after school ride pick-up and the tiny toddler backpack he's had wasn't cuttin' the mustard!
They were both very excited to go to school. Samuel, our friend from church, is in Ruby's class.
I asked Ruby to pose with her teachers, Ms. Susan and Ms. Melinda. For some reason, Ruby acted like a bunny rabbit.
Trip was way too excited and quickly involved in new toys to get his picture made with his teachers. I'm very thankful that good-byes have never been too hard for my 2. They both just smile and wave bye..... that's if they even stop to notice that I'm leaving. Could I be so lucky to have a 3rd child be separation anxiety-free too? I doubt it.
Way to be such big kids, Ruby and Trip! Mommy and Daddy are so proud of you!