Sunday, September 13, 2009


Wednesday was Ruby's first dance class. She had 30 minutes of ballet, 30 minutes of tap and absolutely loved it!! She really did a great job and can't wait for this week's class. Hopefully I'll get some better pics soon.

My Big Backyard

While in Memphis over the Labor Day holiday I took the kids to see the new My Own Backyard at the Memphis Botanic Garden.

There are several super cute playhouses with different themes for the kids to ckeck out.

Their favorite was the fairy house- just like Tinkerbell.

A human sized bird nest!

In the chrysalis swing..... as you can see, it was super hot and humid.
A super fun new activity to check out in Memphis. We'll definitely go again when the weather cools off.

Cupcakes on Kavanaugh

After taking Trip for a haircut we went across the street for cupcakes (Yes- Trip did get a haircut. Patrick loved his shaggy look though and wanted to leave it so he just got a small trim. I'm glad we left it long.)

Ruby got a vanilla with sprinkles and Trip got a banana caramel...... Be sure to ask for the 1 day old ones that are just as good and cheaper.

Yet Another Zoo Day

As you can see, no one was much into getting their picture made today- only the giraffe cooperated.
Trip got to get up close and personal with the grizzly.
And as always, they loved getting to fed the lorikeets.