Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Children's Museum of Memphis, May 09

Today is back-to-school for many kids in Little Rock today so I reluctantly thought I would make it Back-to-Blog day for me. Yes, the blog is returning from it's long summer hiatus. I've piddled around with moving the blog to WordPress but so far haven't found it to be that much easier to work with either. It seems to have it's own set of quirks as well. Anyone have any suggestions?.........I set up the play tent in the living room so the kids can entertain themselves for awhile and hopefully I can continue to make some progress today.
Here we are at the Children's Museum of Memphis in May.
Thought D-Daddy would get a kick out of these next 2 pics.

Ruby's dancin' it up in the Times Square room. You can't tell from the photo but this room has a disco ball and looks like a dance club.

Like the UT hardhats YaYa?
And enjoying their fave exhibit at the CMM, the mini-Kroger.

Ruby drew her self-portrait in the art room.