Monday, July 21, 2008

Ruby's Jesus

This was a photo I just couldn't wait to share. This afternoon Ruby came running into the living room from the playroom saying that she wanted to show me what she drew. She excitedly says, "Look Mommy, I drew Jesus!" I almost could've have cried. One side of me was so overjoyed that my child at barely 3 was aware of this symbol of Christ but on another note I was somewhat startled by it. I don't know how she knew that 3 crosses in those dimensions represent Jesus. She goes to Bible class and we read a very toddlerized version of the Bible at home. I asked her several times where she learned that 3 crosses meant Jesus and she kept saying "in the playroom." I'll be asking her Sunday school teacher if she learned this in class yesterday. If not, our 3 year old is either extremely observant and insightful or she's had a vision from above!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Cowboy Day

Today was cowboy day at MDO so Ruby sported my little cowgirl outfit that I wore when I was 2. I had to go on and post this for Mom's enjoyment but I'll do some blog catching up soon and post more pics from the summer.