Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Florida, May 2009

May 17-22 we took our first family beach vacation. We carried the kids from their beds to their carseats and got on the road towards Florida by 5 am. Trip is getting a feel of the much warmer air as we got farther South.
We stayed at the Waterscape Condos on Okaloosa Island, just outside Destin, and were very pleasantly surprised to discover what nice amenities we had. The condo was gorgeous and the kid-friendly pools were amazing. We'll definitely stay there again.
Experiencing the ocean for the first time soon after we arrived (2nd time for Ruby but she was not quite 1 the first time she went.)
Completely zonked from the road trip.
Enjoying donuts for breakfast from the legendary Donut Hole.
We had lunch one day at Fudpucker's and the kids loved the Gator Park in front of the restaraunt.

Notice our sweaters. The weather was unseasonably cool one day so we had to get some cardigans to stay warm.
Ruby patiently waiting in line to do the trampoline bungy at Baytowne Wharf.
Rex and Trip also happily enduring the 45+ minute wait to see Ruby bungy!
Unfortunately this smile didn't last long. The higher she got the less enthusiastic that smile became until it was a full tear-filled panic. She really looked like she might vomit so I had them bring her down after only about 2 minutes.
Trip enjoyed watching the remote control boats at Baytowne.
All ready for their first day on the beach!

We made an attempt at some beach pics but by sundown they were pretty worn out and not too cooperative. Next year will try to get some in the morning.

Getting onboard for the Dolphin a.k.a. Vomit Cruise.

Rex and Ruby fed the seagulls off the back of the boat.

This pic of Ruby was kindly taken by one of the boats 1st mates as I was super seasick and hanging out out back.
Trip recovered from his queezyness long enough to have his pic taken too but, as you can see, he was still feeling a little green.
By the end, Trip was feeling up to picking out a treasure from the treasure chest with Ruby.
This is one of the great kid areas at our condo. Once Ruby got the courage to go down the pirate ship slide she wouldn't stop!
One night we rode rides at The Track.

And our last photo out on our balcony before heading home to Arkansas. It was a GREAT trip and I cannot wait for next year- even though we'll have a newborn in tow. =)