Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Ruby's Latest Antics

No, this isn't Trip's Johnny Jumper. This is Ruby's indoor swing! I got it out the other day to see if Trip was ready for it but when I left the room Ruby claimed it as her own. She was going wild and luckily she and her 30 lbs. didn't completely rip the frame off the door. She was having way too much fun to stop and look at the camera. After numerous attempts this was the best shot that I could get.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Happy Father's Day, Rexy!

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Fun with Hunter and Avery

Hunter and Avery, Jared and Shelby's kids, came over to play today while they got moved into their new house. Unlike Ruby these days, Hunter and Avery were more than happy to stop and pose for the camera. When it got time to go get in the pool, their swimsuits were nowhere to be found so 5-year old Hunter squeezed himself into Trip's size 24 month swimtrunks! Hunter endlessly amused Ruby with his flips and "dives" into the pool. Thanks for a fun day Hunter and Avery!

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Ruby's 1st Haircut

After: Ruby didn't seem too thrilled with the event but I was just thankful that she sat still and cooperated. Her hair now looks much healthier and is curling up more. Yea, Ruby!


Check out our very studious children looking ready to go to chemistry lab. They're actually trying on Rex's new biking glasses.

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Our day in Hot Springs

Our favorite part of the day was the funhouse mirror at the Mid-America Science Museum. Isn't this a fabulous family photo? I think it's perfect for our Christmas cards this year!

Ruby loved feeding the coi and the "mommy and daddy" ducks.

Ruby discovers a turtle at Garvan Woodland Gardens.

Little Rock Zoo

Isn't she a cutie pie in her baseball cap?!

The grizzly bear was a little close for comfort.
Ruby loved the sheep!
This was Trip's first trip to the zoo but he hangs out in the stroller most of the time. What a good little boy!

Our Little Razorback

Trip is already ready for his 1st Arkansas baseball game!

Chocolate Ice Cream

Hey Davis family- Remind you of anyone?! Yes, Ruby is a big fan of eating and WEARING chocolate ice cream like her Uncle Jeremy!

Friday, June 1, 2007

Trip's check-up

Today Trip had his 2-month check-up and he weighs 12 pds. 13oz. and is 24 in (58th and 70th percentiles). He got 4 shots and is now running a low grade fever as a result. Poor little man........... On the way home from the dr.'s office I stopped at a few garage sales in Maumelle and found some great bargains including a dancing Dora cowgirl doll, a Dora table with umbrella and lawnchairs, a talking Sit and Spin, and an adorable ladybug rainslicker with matching rainboots all for Ruby. And best of all, a $100 video monitor for $12 but we're still determining if it's going to work. It may turn out to not be so great of a deal. I now have the "bug" and hope to get up and go garaging again tomorrow. ................ Also today, I was excited that I was able to wiggle myself into a pair of pre-Trip jeans. I had to wear a loose fitting top though since I was suffering from a severe case of muffin top (fat puffing over the top of the jeans). But hey- I was in the jeans so it was an overall pretty good day.