Thursday, September 1, 2011

Give Kids the World Village

 The most unique part of our trip was getting to stay at Give Kids the World Village. It's a magical, special place for families all over the world that come to Orlando on grants from Make-a-Wish and numerous other organizations.
 During check-in they both quickly found fun things to do.

 This was our villa. We were in the new area that has a Bavarian flare. So cute!

 Characters came to GKTW in the mornings so we didn't have to fight the crowds as much in the parks.
 Pluto then and now.

 Goofy then and now.

 Trip signed his star that was put on the ceiling of the Star Tower at GKTW. Every Wish Child that has ever stayed there has a star on the ceiling.

 We tried to get back in time each night to make it to the Ice Cream Palace. Free all you can eat ice cream all day! That could get dangerous!

 Miss Mary is Mayor Clayton's wife and they are the mascots of GKTW.

 GKTW has a Christmas party each week complete with a visit from Santa, toys, and even snow!

 The Chipmunks!!
 And just to seal the deal on the magic of this place, a free carousel!

 A visit to Disney wouldn't be complete without meeting Mickey and Minnie.

 The kids enjoyed the Candyland themed playground right across the street from our villa. So cute! It was designed exactly like the board game with colored squares for the sidewalks. Precious!
 Trippy picked out a few souvenirs!
 And the coolest memory of GKTW was getting tucked in one night by Mayor Clayton himself! WE videoed this and it is soooo funny! They ATE that up!

Farewell Give Kids the World and Disney! You gave us a memory to last a lifetime! We hope to visit again someday!

Sea World

 We spent our final day at Sea World.

 The most memorable part of Sea World was our close dolphin encounter. The kids got to pet and feed them.

 You can't go to Sea World and not see the Shamu Show! I remember seeing this as a kid too.

Ruby and I rode some rides while Rex and Trip played the carnival games. This day got pretty hot so we kept our Sea World visit short.

Universal Studios

 The next day we went to the 2 Universal Studios parks, Universal and Islands of Adventure and had numerous character photo opps. 

 Woody Woodpecker! I don't even think the kids knew who this was at first but, by golly, they insisted on giving him a hug!
 Seuss Landing was SO cool! It really felt like you were in Whoville!

 The Pteronodon Flyers were super fun! Not for those uncomfortable with heights.

I was very impressed when Ruby and Trip knew the names of every Madagascar penguin and which was which.... and so were the penguins! I don't know whether to be impressed or concerned that they may be watching too much tv!..... I just realized that we apparantly didn't get any pictures at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. We're not into Harry Potter yet but Ruby and I rode the roller coaster Flight of the Hippogriff.