Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Annual Family Pics

A few weeks ago our friend Whitney Loibner took our annual photos and did a fabulous job! Posted are a few from her blog. You can see all of them by going to Find our pics under portraits and the password is "leaves."

Parents Day at Dance

Today was parents observation day at dance class. Instead of waiting in the hall and taking turns getting a peak at them through a tiny square window, we could go in and watch the entire class. Rex even joined Trip and I for the show.

WARNING: You are about to be exposed to an overdose of cuteness which might result in smiles and laughter. Watch at your own risk!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Pumpkin Playdough

This morning we tried out the cool Pumpkin Playdough recipe given to us by YaYa! They took turns adding the ingredients and stirring. By the way there is no pumpkin in this- just flour, salt, cream of tartar, veggie oil, water, food coloring, and pumpkin pie spice to give it a yummy fall scent.

Check out this concentration.....
It made a large enough batch that there was plenty to share with our neighbors.
Thanks for sharing YaYa! We'll definitely try a Christmas version next month.


Last week I happened to be at the 1 Wal-Mart in town that had a decent selection of Halloween costumes left when they marked them down to 70-90% off! I bought about 15 costumes, many of which Ruby and Trip will have to grow into, but here are some of the ones that we've already tried on. Trip LOVED his pirate costume and Ruby did too until she saw herself in the mirror. She said that she looked like a boy and immediately wanted to take it off. I appeased her with the very feminine bride costume. When I saw her in this I instantly got a lump in my throat and realized exactly why I'm glad we made the decision to not put her in kindergarten next year- because she'll be going to college one year later and will likely get married atleast a year later.
Of course, I'm biased but I must say that she makes a stunning bride, even at 4 yrs. old and in a $20 costume from WalMart (I paid $4). This will make a cute picture next to her bridal portrait some day. Tear, tear, sniff, sniff

And now on a lighter matter, Rex in a mullet wig. Nope, not a good look on him either.
I think Rex will wear this for Halloween next year and I'm betting Trip will wear it a time or 2 in junior high.
"She's a da....da!" I learned that brick printed fabric isn't the most flattering of looks, nor are rooftop hats. How many bricks does it take to build a Stephanie?
For the slower ones, He's a "chick magnet." Again, Trip will probably get some wear out of this one in years to come.
Ruby loved playing Dorothy and was so sad when we discovered that "The Wizard of Oz" had been erased from our DVR. Luckily, it's coming on again this weekend on TBS and we're set to record.
Ruby is Sharpay from High School Musical which she's not really into yet but she still thought the outfit was fun.
Doesn't this pic of Trip look so much like Jeremy as a kid? The Thomas costume is a little long but will probably be perfect by next Halloween. ..... I'll share more pics later as we try on the other costumes. I LOVE bargains!!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Crosswalk Trunk or Treat

On Halloween we went up to church for Trunk or Treat.
Trip aka Buzz quickly found his buddy, James, aka Woody.

"The girls"- Alison, Lauren, and Ruby
and yet another friend as Woody, Evan!
Ruby got a butterfly and flower at the face-painting trunk thanks to Shawn. We headed home a little early to do some neighborhood trick-or-treating. Now I just have to spend the next few weeks avoiding those sweetly filled pink and orange buckets on top of my fridge. Ugh!

Thursday, October 29, 2009


Tonight Rex uncanned an odd talent that he's been keeping secret all these years- amazing knife skills!
Trip wanted a scary pumpkin and Ruby wanted a happy pumpkin. I think this little guy is a perfect combo. Happy Halloween! .......Today was pajama day at school if you're wondering about the outfits..... and yes, I just let them sleep in them even though they'd had them on all day. Pajama day rocks!
By the way, What type of whiddled figurine would you like for Christmas? =)

Monday, October 26, 2009

Boo at the Zoo

Last night Rex had a recruiting dinner for work so the kids and I headed to Boo at the Zoo. And what do you know? Miracles do happen- a picture of both kids smiling and 4 eyes looking at the camera!.... and another miracle for us right now- it wasn't raining. It was a perfect fall evening.
Ruby looked gorgeous as a butterfly.
Trip was a hit as Buzz Lightyear. He told everyone at each candy tent "To infinity and beyond!"
Trip wanted his picture taken with this "pirate." He says that all skeletons are pirates.
My camera was messing up but, above, Trip is sitting in a firetruck.

We got candy, rode the train and a few other rides and called it a night.

Mud Run 5K

My good friend, Eleanor Burress, heard that I was trying to do more running (to keep up w/ Rexy) and asked me to do the Mud Run with her this past Saturday. It's just a silly event hosted every October by Little Rock Parks & Recreation. The majority of the race is a normal 5K (aside from the costumes) but the last 300 ft. is a mud pit.
Friday night we whipped together some matching tutus (and made good use of the tulle leftover from Ruby's birthday party)

Rex and the kids watched from the sidelines and he got some great pics. Rex wants to join in on the fun next year and says we won't leave looking so clean. I did manage to salvage everthing including the tutu.
El and I are planning to run our next 5K here in Maumelle on Nov. 14- The Great Gobbler and possibly a 10K in coming up in Hot Springs.
Thanks for the invite, Eleanor! It was a blast!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Pumpkins & Playgrounds

Today we tagged along with some other moms & kids from Maumelle Mommy & Me for our annual fall trip to the Schaefer Pumpkin Patch in Mayflower.

We visited the animals while waiting for our hayride out to the pumpkins. They had donkeys, bunnies, pigs, geese, turkeys, and goats.

They've added more playground equipment since last year so they spent a lot of time climbing and sliding.

It was a chilly but fun fall morning!