Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I'm Unique

On Tuesday, Ruby came home with her first homework assignment. Since their unit this week is "I'm a Unique Person" they were each sent home with a small sack to return on Thursday with items that told a little about his/herself. Ruby chose (with a little help from me so that she didn't go with a bag full of bracelets and McDonald toys.):
  1. A family photo
  2. a ballet slipper since she's taking dance lessons
  3. a Bible
  4. a bottle since she's going to have a new baby brother or sister
  5. a house puzzle piece since we're moving (Lord willing)
  6. a pencil and crayon since she loves art
  7. a sucker (self-explanatory)
  8. a Barbie shoe
  9. a bracelet and rhinestone heart since she likes jewelry and sparkly things
  10. a seashell since she likes finding seashells in the ocean
  11. and a piece of play broccoli since she claims that her favorite food is cheesy broccoli (I beg to differ)

Good job, Ruby! You are indeed unique.