Saturday, January 30, 2010

Snow, Sleds &....... an Exersaucer?

This morning we woke up with enough snow to hit the slopes a.k.a. our street, front yard and driveway. If you've been to our house you know that that isn't much of a stretch. Days like today are the few days out of the year that we love our hilly neighborhood.
And thanks to YaYa & D-Daddy's forsight many years ago, we actually have 2 snow boards.

Since we have so few snowy days, many Southerners don't have sleds and just get crafty with things like garbage can lids or Rubbermaid bin tops. But the award for craftiest sledding participant goes to...... drum roll.......drum roll..... the Brzezinski family for the use of an Exersaucer! Nothing quite beats seeing 4 yr. old Gavin sliding down our street on baby sister's Exersaucer! Thanks for the laugh B's!
Afterwards we warmed up with hot chocolate in front of the fire..... which they insisted on drinking through a straw.
Thank you God for the snow! Please come again soon!

The 100th Day of School

When I picked the kids up from school on Tuesday, Ruby was very excited that the next day was going to be the 100th day of school and she explained what fun things they were going to do at school to celebrate. She was very disappointed when I reminded her that she didn't go to school on Wednesdays, so we did some celebrating of our own. On Wednesday morning we baked a cake and, while it was in the oven, did some "100" artwork.
This is what Ruby drew to depict what she'll look when she's 100 years old. She explained that it's night time and she's sitting on a swing on a porch sipping pink lemonade. When has she seen an old Bartles & James or Country Time lemonade commercial?
Trip definitely gave his artwork his own spin. He drew "the world with a mountain in Arkansas and a mommy cloud with baby clouds." Nice job, Trippy!
If Ruby had $100 she would "buy a crown since I am a princess..... and a train for Trip and some books.....and maybe some more money." She also explained that in the picture she and Trip are standing on a tile floor under a ceiling fan. Nice detail, Ruby! .....and that idea of buying more money- brilliant!
If Trip had $100 he would...... and he drew a picture of "scary Ruby." Well, I've seen scary Ruby many times and this is quite accurate. Good work, Trip!
Ruby just wanted to pose for a shot.
And after lunch we had fun with the return of the roller coaster that has had a long hiatus in the garage.

Later that afternoon some neighborhood friends joined us for cake and we sang a lovely rendition of "Happy 100th Day of School to Us."
In the end, I don't think Ruby was quite as disappointed to have missed school that day.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Misc. January Fun

With some unseasonably warm weather we've gotten to spend some time outdoors. Monday, we met the Days at the zoo.

Clif was off work, hence his special cameo appearance on the blog.
We as usual, had to finish our zoo trip with a carousel and train ride.

Then Tuesday, I picked the kids up from school with a picnic lunch in tow and we went to Baker Park. I had planned to make more photos but right after we finished eating, Ruby fell on the playground and busted her upper and lower lips and scraped her chin. =(
With some rain today we've had a simple day at home in our pjs.


On New Year's Day, I left Rex at home to work on potty-training Trip and I took Ruby skating for the first time. YaYa had been reminding me that I was about 4 when I learned to skate so it was getting time to teach Ruby.
We ice skated first which Ruby wasn't a huge fan of. She did eventually let go of the wall and held my hand for a couple of spins around the rink. She was cold though and anxious to go try roller skating..... I was happy to take off the ice skates too. I don't remember ice skating being so torturous on your ankles! I'm probably just getting old.
Roller skating was a big hit! She held my hand for the first couple of loops and then was on her own! She's saying that she wants to have a roller skating birthday party. Yea Ruby! I had a really good time myself and am looking forward to visiting the rinks again soon.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Happy 2010!!

2010!? Really? Rex and I were juniors at Harding and had been dating just a few months when the millenium rolled around. I know I wasn't thinking at that time that in just 10 years we'd be married with 2 kids. I can't wait to see what the 2020 decennial photo reveals! (Yes- I totally looked that word up. I would've guessed "decadial" for "occurring every 10 years" but learned that that's not a word in the English language. Your welcome for the vocab. lesson)
The Day Family came over New Year's Eve for some heavy snacks and a late night playdate.

Trip was really into the glasses and rocked the Elton John look most of the night.

Sweet Vivian graced Ruby with a Happy New Year kiss. Too sweet! Thank you Days for a fun evening of conversation and memories. Thank you, Rexy, for an amazing 10 years! Love you all!
And by the way, 2010 has gotten off to a great start- our house is now diaper free (even at night)! Way to go Trippy! Right after he used the potty the first time he told me,"Mom, you don't have a baby anymore. Only a big boy." sniff sniff...... Yep, Trippy- You are indeed a big boy!............. And Ruby just discovered that she has 2 loose teeth so it looks like 2010 will be filled with several firsts.

Santa Claus Came to Town!!

Rex carried out our family tradition of reading The Night Before Christmas and then we set out gingerbread men and chocolate milk for Santa.
The kids got to sleep on mattresses in our room to make sure "not a creature was stirring" and to ensure that mom & dad got to witness their joy Christmas morning.

I can see the twinkle of excitement in her eyes for the next morning's surprises.
Scooters!! (pic taken later that day in Memphis)
a Mallmart truck!! (as Trip calls it)
Ballerina Barbie!
a Big Wheel!
Strawberry Shortcake!
SpongeBob Play-Doh- Just to name a few! Thanks Santa!!

Christmas in Tennessee

We headed to Memphis Christmas afternoon and opened gifts right away.
A remote control Cars track and Barbie stuff! Yippee!!

A GPS running watch! Awesome!
Rex and Jer in the assembly room.
The kids with D-Daddy and YaYa.
The Davis-Reeves gang

A cousin photo opp. with my Dad's sister's kids: Melanie, Allison, Tracey, Jeremy, and yours truly.
My 2 with Tracey's kids, Emma & Joseph.
T. enjoying his new Cars track.
Playing with the new Tinkertoys from YaYa's brother, Uncle Roger, and Aunt Lila.
and paperdolls for Ruby!!