Thursday, October 29, 2009


Tonight Rex uncanned an odd talent that he's been keeping secret all these years- amazing knife skills!
Trip wanted a scary pumpkin and Ruby wanted a happy pumpkin. I think this little guy is a perfect combo. Happy Halloween! .......Today was pajama day at school if you're wondering about the outfits..... and yes, I just let them sleep in them even though they'd had them on all day. Pajama day rocks!
By the way, What type of whiddled figurine would you like for Christmas? =)

Monday, October 26, 2009

Boo at the Zoo

Last night Rex had a recruiting dinner for work so the kids and I headed to Boo at the Zoo. And what do you know? Miracles do happen- a picture of both kids smiling and 4 eyes looking at the camera!.... and another miracle for us right now- it wasn't raining. It was a perfect fall evening.
Ruby looked gorgeous as a butterfly.
Trip was a hit as Buzz Lightyear. He told everyone at each candy tent "To infinity and beyond!"
Trip wanted his picture taken with this "pirate." He says that all skeletons are pirates.
My camera was messing up but, above, Trip is sitting in a firetruck.

We got candy, rode the train and a few other rides and called it a night.

Mud Run 5K

My good friend, Eleanor Burress, heard that I was trying to do more running (to keep up w/ Rexy) and asked me to do the Mud Run with her this past Saturday. It's just a silly event hosted every October by Little Rock Parks & Recreation. The majority of the race is a normal 5K (aside from the costumes) but the last 300 ft. is a mud pit.
Friday night we whipped together some matching tutus (and made good use of the tulle leftover from Ruby's birthday party)

Rex and the kids watched from the sidelines and he got some great pics. Rex wants to join in on the fun next year and says we won't leave looking so clean. I did manage to salvage everthing including the tutu.
El and I are planning to run our next 5K here in Maumelle on Nov. 14- The Great Gobbler and possibly a 10K in coming up in Hot Springs.
Thanks for the invite, Eleanor! It was a blast!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Pumpkins & Playgrounds

Today we tagged along with some other moms & kids from Maumelle Mommy & Me for our annual fall trip to the Schaefer Pumpkin Patch in Mayflower.

We visited the animals while waiting for our hayride out to the pumpkins. They had donkeys, bunnies, pigs, geese, turkeys, and goats.

They've added more playground equipment since last year so they spent a lot of time climbing and sliding.

It was a chilly but fun fall morning!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Chicago Marathon

Sunday, October 11, 2009 Rex ran his first marathon along with several others from Crosswalk. The journey started when our friend and Crosswalk youth minister, BJ, went to Chicago for a youth ministry conference in April and learned about how you could raise money for the World Vision organization by running the Chicago marathon. He came home and recruited Rex and four others from church to run. By the way, if you'd like to sponsor Rex and donate to World Vision, go to
Friday night at the dinner for the World Vision team. 1200 people ran the marathon in support of World Vision (there were 47,000 registered runners!!)

They had to get a picture in front of this sign at the Marathon Expo on Saturday.

Brett, Barry, and Abby Fielder, BJ Arnold, and Rex the morning of the race. This was around 5:15 a.m. and the temp. was in the mid 30s.
on the train, headed downtown for the race
The crowd was incredible! We found a great spot on the Randolph bridge to watch the start of the race. At the bottom of this post is a video that shows just how many people were running.
Terry Fielder (above) along with Alex Cone were my race-watching buddies.

See Rexy? I believe this was around mile 12. I also got to see him at the start and around mile 2 or 3.
I saw Rex again in Chinatown around mile 21.

This is just one example of the many crazy, yet inspiring runners that we saw. These guys were doing this for some type of cancer awareness. There was also a guy running in full army fatigues with a 100 lb. pack on his back! I also saw a man from Italy who was running at a quick pace (I think he was in the 4 hr. pace group) with 1 leg and crutches! Incredible!
This was about as close as we could get to the finish line.
Yeah, Rexy! I'm so proud of you!
Rex with his marathon buddy, Barry Fielder. They stayed together every step of the way and finished in 5 hrs. 27 minutes.
Proud of my marathon man!

Rex is sore but thinks he'll definitely do another one and hopefully someday qualify for Boston. I might even join in on the fun! ...... If you want to see photos of Rex taken by the Marathon Photo team go to "view and order photos", then choose Chicago Marathon 2009, type his name and bib number 35714.