Sunday, August 30, 2009

Story Time with Ruby & Trip

Party Day

Saturday was a busy day with a birthday party for Vivian and Bauer in the morning at the Museum of Discovery and a party in the afternoon for Lucas, the son of some friends from church. The kids were way too on-the-move to get any decent pics of the day.
Ruby gave Vivian a new Barbie and Bauer got a Buzz Lightyear costume.
Sweet Lucas enjoying his cake.
Happy Birthday Vivian, Bauer, and Lucas! Thanks for making us part of your day.


Friday afternoon I took the kids to see the new G-rated Disney film, Ponyo (see link for trailer). It's basically a Japanese version of The Little Mermaid. The story was a little strange to me but the kids really enjoyed it. It definitely appeals to a child's imagination and it was a good way to spend a hot and muggy afternoon.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I'm Unique

On Tuesday, Ruby came home with her first homework assignment. Since their unit this week is "I'm a Unique Person" they were each sent home with a small sack to return on Thursday with items that told a little about his/herself. Ruby chose (with a little help from me so that she didn't go with a bag full of bracelets and McDonald toys.):
  1. A family photo
  2. a ballet slipper since she's taking dance lessons
  3. a Bible
  4. a bottle since she's going to have a new baby brother or sister
  5. a house puzzle piece since we're moving (Lord willing)
  6. a pencil and crayon since she loves art
  7. a sucker (self-explanatory)
  8. a Barbie shoe
  9. a bracelet and rhinestone heart since she likes jewelry and sparkly things
  10. a seashell since she likes finding seashells in the ocean
  11. and a piece of play broccoli since she claims that her favorite food is cheesy broccoli (I beg to differ)

Good job, Ruby! You are indeed unique.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Back to School 2009

Tuesday was the kids 1st day of preschool. They're both going 1/2 day on Tuesdays and from 8:30-3 on Thursdays. That's nearly 10 whole hours a week of child-free time for me- twice what I've had before......until February. Wahoo!
Trip wasn't too thrilled to have his picture taken that morning. Maybe it was because his backpack is 2/3 the size of his body? They said that his backpack had to be big enough for him to carry all of his stuff himself for after school ride pick-up and the tiny toddler backpack he's had wasn't cuttin' the mustard!
They were both very excited to go to school. Samuel, our friend from church, is in Ruby's class.
I asked Ruby to pose with her teachers, Ms. Susan and Ms. Melinda. For some reason, Ruby acted like a bunny rabbit.
Trip was way too excited and quickly involved in new toys to get his picture made with his teachers. I'm very thankful that good-byes have never been too hard for my 2. They both just smile and wave bye..... that's if they even stop to notice that I'm leaving. Could I be so lucky to have a 3rd child be separation anxiety-free too? I doubt it.
Way to be such big kids, Ruby and Trip! Mommy and Daddy are so proud of you!

The Memphis Adventure

Last week Somer and her crew loaded into our van and the 6 of us went to Memphis for a few fun days of kid-friendly Memphis activities. Well before we even made it to Memphis the "fun-filled" trip quickly took a nose dive south. Poor Bauer got sick on the road and by that night was running 104. To no surprise, this caused him to not be his usual Mr. Happy self. This is why there just aren't many pictures of this trip.
He did manage to get his groove on for a couple of minutes in the Children's Museum.

Seeing the dinosaur exhibit at the Pink Palace.
By Tuesday afternoon with Bauer not seeming much better, Somer and I decided
to cut the trip short and head on home to LR. What could've happened on the way home to make our trip even more enjoyable you ask? Running out of gas on I-40 with 4 kids in the car!! Yep, that's it. Somer- why didn't you take a pic of me jogging down the side of I-40? Or of the "polite" police officer who stopped to "help?" Or me getting into the car with strangers? Oh..... yeah. you might have been a little busy entertaining the 4 kids stuck in the back of a van with no heat. Oh, memories!!

Family Bowling Night

We took the kids for their 1st trip to the bowling alley a couple of weekends ago.
We let them try once without using the ramp and we had to call an attendant to come get our ball out of the middle of the lane. Therefore, we stuck with the ramp method. Here's Ruby during her victory dance!

Trip was actually ahead at first but Big Sis pulled through in the end. Good times!

High School Girlfriends Weekend

On July 17, 2009 I headed to Nashville to meet my 3 best friends from high school (from left: me, Leigh, Sheila, and Kate) for a girls weekend. It was the first time that we had been together for more than a couple of hours here and there since high school- 12 years ago. We've been a little busy with the nearly 12 kids we have together!........ We kicked off Friday night with a delicious family style Italian meal at Maggiano's.
Saturday morning we went for massages and a little shopping. Then that evening we hung out at Arrington Vineyards just outside Nashville. It was a great location to spend some quality time with old friends. We just enjoyed the scenery, talked, and of course laughed, and munched on our goodies from Fresh Market.

We stayed at The Brentwood Bed & Breakfast which, from the extra room so graciously given us by the innkeepers to the food and amenites, was an amazing experience. Can't wait to do it again gals! Hopefully sooner than 2021!

The Barbie Brunch- Ruby's 4th Birthday Party

There were so many pics from this day to sort through that I haven't posted these in any particular order. Just some of our favorite memories from the day.

Ruby trying out her new Barbie swim goggles from Trip. I love that goofball!
Ruby and Mammaw Decker
Alison gave Ruby some new Fancy Nancy books. Yea!
Ruby LOVES her new Barbie preschool teacher set from Vivian.
.......and another new F.N. book from YaYa and D-Daddy.

preparing for the high heel races

We had a spread of hashbrowns, mini quiche, sausage balls, sweet bacon, fun shaped pancakes, and fruit.
Along with family, (clockwise from bottom right) Alison, Lauren, Bauer, of course Trip, Gavin, Morgan, and Vivian joined us for the celebration.

I had a little bit of fun with the decorations.
The $20 Barbie cake from Kroger was yum and a major hit with the birthday girl!

Bauer is saying, "Hey, Trippers. Check out my new kicks."
We didn't plan this but Bauer and Trip were Twinkies for the day.
Ruby loved her new Barbie wig.......
D-Daddy gave it a try too.
and we ended the day with our tradition of burning the birthday candle down to the next year. Hope it was a fun day, Rubes! We love you!