Monday, May 4, 2009


We had the privilege this week to have our dear friend James stay over on Wednesday night and he was soooo good and easy. For dinner I let the kids assemble their own pizzas. I had hoped that they would want to make the most out of getting to decorate the pizza and add some toppings other than cheese and pepperoni. Only James would humor me by adding some veggies. Way to load up on mushrooms, James!

Trip did put 1 lonely little mushroom on his pizza but that was only because James had mushrooms on his.

Later in the evening the boys got into Trip's chest of drawers and played dress-up. Trippy was onto something with this look- it would be a great way to control his current runny nose.
James decided to take Trip's swim trunks for a spin.

And then it was time for bathtime in the "big tub." What a fun day! BJ & Carina, thanks for letting us borrow James. It was a pleasure!!

Museum of Discovery

This past Tuesday we got a membership to the Museum of Discovery and attended their Wiggle Worm Discoveries for the 1st time. They have story time, a craft, and bring out different creatures for the kids to see close-up each week. And what luck, this was tarantula and millipede day!! Ruby & Trip weren't exactly rushing to get a close-up view of this guy. The battery on my camera died soon after this so I'll hopefully catch more pics next time.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Maumelle FamilyFest 2009

Last Saturday evening we went to the annual Maumelle FamilyFest at Lake Willastein to let Ruby and Trip enjoy some rides and boy did they ever!!

Ruby is Ms. Fearless and is going to be one of those kids like I was that wants to ride everything. I was a little surprised when she asked to ride the mini roller coaster. She was a little too short for the height requirement but they let her go anyway. Trip had to sit this one out though.

We finished off the night with some play time at the park and made the most of the wonderful spring evening.