Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Memphis Adventure

Last week Somer and her crew loaded into our van and the 6 of us went to Memphis for a few fun days of kid-friendly Memphis activities. Well before we even made it to Memphis the "fun-filled" trip quickly took a nose dive south. Poor Bauer got sick on the road and by that night was running 104. To no surprise, this caused him to not be his usual Mr. Happy self. This is why there just aren't many pictures of this trip.
He did manage to get his groove on for a couple of minutes in the Children's Museum.

Seeing the dinosaur exhibit at the Pink Palace.
By Tuesday afternoon with Bauer not seeming much better, Somer and I decided
to cut the trip short and head on home to LR. What could've happened on the way home to make our trip even more enjoyable you ask? Running out of gas on I-40 with 4 kids in the car!! Yep, that's it. Somer- why didn't you take a pic of me jogging down the side of I-40? Or of the "polite" police officer who stopped to "help?" Or me getting into the car with strangers? Oh..... yeah. you might have been a little busy entertaining the 4 kids stuck in the back of a van with no heat. Oh, memories!!