Sunday, April 13, 2008

Kansas City

Thursday we drove up to Kansas City to see the Yankees play and it was the kids first time to a see major league game. I'm sure that they will remember it for years to come! =) It was nice to get away for a couple of days but this definitely won't go down in family history as one of our best vacations. To start the trip off, we got to Conway (about 30 minutes from our house) and realized that we had left the tickets and had to turn around. Then, the weather wasn't cooperative and it was in the 40s, rainy and windy- not the ideal baseball weather. We only made it 3 innings through the game before the kids had had enough. But, we quickly became very pleased with our decision to go on and leave the game. As soon as we got in the van, the hardest rain fell that I think I've ever seen so we were thrilled to already be in the car and not stuck in the stadium with the already fussy kiddos.

I tried to buy some more "happy" time for Ruby by getting her some cotton candy. As you can see, she wasn't into it.
On Friday we had a good time at the indoor pool at our hotel, did a little bit of shopping and then went to lunch at the Crayola Cafe. It wasn't as cool as the KC tourist website made it out to be but Ruby enjoyed getting to color. I did like going to the huge Crayola store next door. We got some window markers and some paint for our easel. I had hoped to get one of those large plastic crayon cases with a handle like Rex and I both had but sadly found out that they stopped making those about 6 years ago. .........We'll definitely be waiting another 2 or 3 years before we take the kids to another Yankees game.

Rex's birthday cake

Pretty self-explanatory post.......... Aren't you impressed with my cake decorating skills?! =)


After getting inspiration from an old friend whose blog I just discovered, I realized that Ruby was old enough to play some games. This past week I purchased the old classic "Cootie" which was one of the first games I played and Ruby kicked my tail! She had her Cootie put together before mine even had any legs. I did bend the rules a little bit for her though. I explaind to her that she had to roll a 1 first so that she could get her Cootie body. After several rolls and no 1 she picked up the dice, laid it down with the 1 facing up and said, "Yea! I got a 1!"Also, her first time to roll the dice was funny. She pitched it across the living room and then ran across the room to see what she rolled. Now that I think about it, that would be a way to incorporate some exercise into the game. Anyway, I'm thrilled to now have a fellow lover of board games in the family!

Monday, April 7, 2008

Happy 29th, Rexy!

I'm not sure of the years on these but I can definitely see some Trip in that first pic.
What kind of cake was that? a rabbit? I'm guessing from the candles that this was your 5th birthday.
This was right after we started dating in October 1999.
Here's you adding a little humor to our engagement photo session in 2003.
Hope your day tomorrow is special. Let's make the most of our last year of being twenty-something. We love you! -Steph, Ruby, and Trip

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Happy 27th, Jer!

Happy 27th, Jer! It's easy for me to believe that I'll be 29 this summer but it's really strange to think of you as 27! Here we are above at 25 mos. and 5 mos. even though this could pass for a picture of Ruby.
Look at those blonde curls! I so wished that Trip would get those but it just wasn't in the cards. Mom- I nearly fainted when I realized that there wasn't a date on the back of this picture! I can't wait for Trip and Ruby to wear those outfits this Thanksgiving.
Jer- always the ham! He you are taking your visit to the Louvre very seriously. Atop the Eiffel Tower, January 2000. Oh those were the days- when we could spend the holidays traveling Europe. Maybe we can go back in 2030.
This is my favorite pic of us. Why, you ask? Because I look good.........and you weren't looking to shabby either.

You looked so grown-up and professional on Easter in your fancy schmancy attorney attire. Trip looked like he was ready to follow in your footsteps............. Happy Birthday, Bro! Hope you have a great day! We love you!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

The Sand & Water Table

Thanks to Som for our new super fun play table! Ok- super fun for Trip & Ruby and semi-fun for Mom. I'm still warming up to the sand, but I guess it's worth seeing their happy, smiling, sand-filled faces. They really did LOVE it! Trip knew that he could drink water and shouldn't eat sand, but he was curious as to what the combination might taste like. He put a handful of wet sand into his mouth. Yum! The funny thing about a sand & water table is that within 10 minutes the sides look exactly the same with a bunch of sand sitting at the bottom of a pool of water. Ruby just wasn't catching on that 1 side was for sand and the other for water. She immediately went to work transferring the sand over to the water side. Oh well- it kept her thoroughly entertained for a good half hour (it would've been longer but we had to get out of the way so the bug man could spray). Thank you Day Family =)........ You can see from our bi-colored deck that we recently enlarged it to about twice it's previous size. I'm really enjoying it so far and can't wait for the weather to stay nice. It's been a swamp here most of the week.

Woa! That is one big bow! ........ and I forgot to mention- when we got outside to play Ruby said, "Mom, you need to take our picture." She's clued into the fact that if she's doing something for the first time, I'm going to be taking pictures. How observant.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Trip Turns 1

Sunday was Trip's birthday and how the year has flown! I can't believe he's already 1! Saturday we had a baseball themed party with close family and friends complete with hot dogs, peanuts, Cracker Jack, and, of course, cake.

Thank you for the super cute cake YaYa!!

Ruby and Trip LOVE the new playset. Ruby has been out to play on it during every 5 minute window that it has stopped raining this week.
Here's the birthday boy at church on Sunday.