Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Videos of the Kiddos

Here are a couple of new videos of the kids. In the 1st one Ruby is making Trip laugh and the 2nd one shows Trip eating with a spoon. WARNING: These are probably only going to be interesting to grandparents.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Sucker Stick Stuck

It appears that Ruby now thinks that Trip's head is the trash can. Before she goes to bed at night I put a sucker on top of her chest of drawers that she can have the next day if she doesn't get out of bed and goes to sleep (Yes, bribery works wonders). Not long after I gave her her sucker today, Trip walked into the kitchen with this sucker stick stuck (say that 10 x's fast!) to his head. He seemed to be oblivious to how silly he looked but I sure thought it was funny!!!

In the clubhouse

The other day Ruby and Trip both carried their snack out to the clubhouse and they were so cute sitting together at the tiny table. As you can see from their jackets it was a cool morning, but I think the warm weather is finally here to stay.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

A Day with the Day's

Today, Somer, Vivian, and Bauer came over to play and we had a great time. The girls seem to be phasing out of the "mine" stage (knock on wood) and really played well together. They had a blast riding doubles on the roller coaster. Below, Somer and I got a good laugh when Trip walked into the living room with a big trail of toilet paper that he drug (dragged??) all the way from the hall bathroom. Bauer and Trip were also starting to pay more attention to each other. Trip kept pointing to him and saying "baby." Bauer is now 8 months old and crawling so he and Trip will be running around together soon. Thanks for a fun day, Days!............. and also for wearing both of my kids out. They're both taking a nap. =)

Monday, May 12, 2008

Lunch on the Porch

The weather here is gorgeous today- sunny but not hot, so I thought it would be fun to eat lunch out on the porch. Ruby thought this was super cool and Trip was just excited to have Doritos (they were leftover from a cookout last night so I'm trying to get the kids to eat them before I finish them off myself. I never buy Doritos- YUM!). We went to the park this morning and then to Wal-Mart for a couple of things. Rex started his new job today and will be home "early." For us early means being home at a normal, end of the workday time like 6 instead of 10. Yippy! Better go get to work on dinner...........

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Trip the Super Cutey!!

Trip's favorite thing lately is playing in the fridge. He gets very upset if the door gets opened and then reshut without him getting to get in there and rearrange some water bottles. I've occasionally found pacies or some random toy stuffed in the door.......... Here are a couple of quick clips of Trip walking. He started taking steps here and there at around 10 1/2 months but finally in the past couple of weeks he decided to give up crawling. He's so cute toddling around.

The Roller Coaster

We got a Step2 Roller Coaster with the $ that Trip got for his birthday. This thing is awesome- endless entertainment for toddlers!! I love Trip's smirk in that 3rd pic. He's thinking, "Ha! It's finally all mine!!"


I recently discovered the joys of Freecycling! You can join a local group and locals post items that they are giving away! It was designed to reduce the waste being taken to landfills. One of my best finds so far has been this VW Barbie Power Wheels that I got at the end of someone's driveway here in Maumelle. I did have to buy a battery and charger but it was still tons cheaper than buying a brand new one for nearly $300. Check out

Window Markers

I mentioned in a previous post that we got some Washable Window Markers at the Crayola store in KC. Well, here they are in action. They have been a lifesaver in a couple of instances when I needed something to keep Ruby occupied for a little while and crayons weren't doing the trick. And, since Somer shared Vivian's on their blog, here is an example of Ruby's current face artistry.

Maumelle Family Fest

A couple of Saturdays ago, Rex had to work (hopefully one of his last Saturday's spent working since he starts his new job Monday!) so I took the kids to our local fair. Ruby rode the carousel, some dragons, some cars, played on the jumpy thing, and enjoyed this giant bubble gum snow cone. Trip also rode the carousel, did some jumping, and devoured the snow cone. I was really sad that my camera's battery died because I could've had some cute pictures of Ruby feeding Trip the snow cone. Don't ya hate that!

Trip's macaroni

The other night during dinner, Trip kept pointing and trying to let me know that he wanted the entire bowl of leftover macaroni. Being the cool mom that I try to be on occasion I thought I'd endulge him. He thought that was the coolest thing ever. He stayed in his highchair for much longer than usual just moving the noodles from the bowl to the highchair and vice versa. He also spent a great deal of time attempting to feed himself the noodles with the spoon, but with not much luck. So, if you ever need something to keep your baby occupied, try leftover macaroni and cheese!............ And yes, he did actually eat a few of them.

Pedis on the porch

I combined my desire to be outside enjoying the weather with my need to piant my toenails. Ruby and I had fun being "fancy". She surprisingly chose red polish over pink.

Trip's 1st bike ride

A couple of weeks ago when the weather 1st started to get really pretty, I got an itchin' to go on a bike ride. I was a little nervous to pull both of the kids in the trailer since I had never even pulled it with just Ruby, but it turned out to not be too difficult (excluding large hills). I had a blast and it was a really fun way to get some exercise. I was having to use Rex's bike so we decided that I needed my own so we could all 4 go out on rides together as a family. I got a spiffy new hot pink Diamondback bike that I'll have to post a picture of later. It does clash with the red trailer though. =)

Hi-Ho Cherry-O!

Thank you so much Ms. Sandra for our new game. Ruby LOVES it and I've noticed that it's helping her to quickly pick up addition and subtraction concepts. Thank you!!!....... Trip loves his penguin too but I haven't gotten a pic of him with it yet. Thanks again! You really shouldn't spoil them! =)

Ruby's Gardening

Lately, Ruby is pretty much obsessed with flowers. Anytime we see flowers anywhere she wants to go pick one and she thinks that every scraggly little weed is a flower. Well, I've been trying to create more educational experiences for her- not just do things that keep her entertained. So, I thought it would be fun to plant her own flower seeds and watch them grow. She painted the pots, then put in the soil and seeds, and then watered them. We now have some sprouts coming up but I'll try to do a follow-up post as to how her flowers are coming along.

This and That

How funny are the 2 pics above. I just noticed that it looks like 1 photo was cut in half but they're 2 different photos. I took a picture of the pool because that no diving warning cracked me up. Was that really necessary?........... As for Trip, he wanted to play with the an empty Pringles can and he immediately inserted his juice cup to make a huge sippy cup. It was funny......... Picture below is to show just how shallow this pool is and that diving is definitely not in the realm of possibility.