Wednesday, August 19, 2009

July 8, 2009 Ruby Turns 4!

This summer our precious, beautiful Ruby turned 4. She woke up that morning to a brand new Barbie house. As you can see, Trip was as excited as she was.
Then we went out for a special day of activities with Ruby's good friend from church, Lauren.
The picture above cracks me up. They look like 2 girlfriends out for margaritas! Ruby picked one of her faves for lunch- Senor Tequila for cheese dip and quasadillas.
Then we went to the Wonder Place...........below, Trip is taking his job as guardian of the Wonder Place very seriously.

We were also joined by Lauren's cousin, Connor.
Afterwards we went for shaved ice at The Purple Penguin.
of course, they chose cherry and grape flavors- not something light in color or clear.

What a fun and special day!! Happy Birthday, sweet Ruby!