Tuesday, January 27, 2009

How to Get Your Kid to Eat Broccoli

Tonight Trip absolutely refused to take 1 bite of broccoli. Usually, I can manage to get a couple of bites of whatever veggie he's rejecting in him. Tonight after 10 minutes of bribing and persuading we finally got him to put 1 bite in his mouth which he chewed and gagged up when he tried to swallow it. I'm cool with that though. I just wanted him to atleast try it. Apparently, he truly doesn't like broccoli............... unless it's dipped in whipped cream! That can of Reddi-Wip that was sitting on the table was just way too tempting to not give it a try.

Monday, January 26, 2009


After dinner tonight the kids got a treat of chocolate pudding with Reddi-wip served in the special glasses that I ate pudding in as a kid. I think they liked it............ they don't usually wear bibs anymore but I thought they were necessary.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Let's go on an adventure!!

Since the weather was warmer again today, we opted to go take a walk at Lake Willastein instead of going to the gym. We pretended that Ruby was Dora and Trip was Boots and they chose which route we would take to get to the playground. Vamonos!!We went through the tunnel...........

through the woods...........

over the bridge........

around the lake........

and to the playground! da da da da da da da, WE DID IT!!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Best Zoo Day Ever

Yesterday Trip had a bad cough and low-grade fever so I planned to keep him home from MDO today. When one stays home, they both do, because I don't think having one helps me much. Well, he seemed to feel fine on into the morning so it seemed a shame to stay at home all day during the 1 warm day of the week or maybe month. We went to the zoo with our new annual pass and had the best time. Almost every animal was out and about and seemed more than happy to let us get a good look.

Trip called these the "tinky mingoes" (stinky flamingoes).

Trip was way too into the train to turn around for a photo opp. Hopefully it will be open to ride next time.
Every time I would say that an animal was sleeping, Trip would hold up his finger and say, "Shhh!" (I promise that is his pointer finger.)

This was the 1st time I'd seen the bush dogs out and they were sooo cute. If I imitated their chirping sound, he would echo me everytime. I think this one wanted to go home with us.


We had a sweet tooth the other day (ok, yes, it was me primarily) and made some Valentine's cookies.
They were yummy to the tummy....... and face and chest.

Sorry, Trippy, you cannot have ANOTHER giant cookie!!

The Infamous Racecar Bed

When we started to think about moving Trip out of the crib, Rex immediately insisted that he absolutely had to have a racecar bed, much to my horror. At first I thought he wasn't totally serious but every bed I proposed to Rex, he shot down for not being as cool as a racecar bed. Apparently, Rex's childhood dream was to have one of these beds and this was his last shot at having one! I finally realized that this was something that Rex wasn't going to drop so we compromised by finding a used racecar toddler bed on Craig's List. Atleast he'll grow out of it in a few years! But, I think Trip's grin in the last pic. says that he likes it just a little bit. Thanks so much to D-Daddy for driving out to the boonies of Collierville, TN to pick it up for us..........Oh, Trip has done AWESOME in the transition out of the crib. He hasn't gotten out of his bed once. Even at nap time he just goes to sleep (knock on wood). Way to go, Trippy!

Alison Zoo Trip

A couple of weeks ago, Nancy had the day off and called us bright and early to join them at the zoo. Ruby was THRILLED since we don't often have opportunities to hang out with Alison outside of church. We even went to their house afterwards for lunch and more play. Thanks Nancy, David, & Alison!

Our Latest No No's

I walk into the kitchen after taking a shower and find PB Cap'n Crunch pulverized all over the kitchen and living room. This pic really doesn't do the mess justice. It was like a sticky pound of sugar had been sprinkled all over the house.......... A couple of days later I come into the dining room and find the picture crooked (which later in the day is knocked to the floor and breaks) and the dining room chairs stacked on top of each other. Ruby said that they were building a beaver house like Franklin (the Noggin cartoon). We had just taken the rocking chair and changing table out of Trip's room............ Then while I was cooking dinner, someone destroys the house that Santa brought them (pictured in previous post). Fortunately it wasn't broken but it's now taking a tent timeout in the closet for awhile. Oh the joy of having a 3 and 1 yr. old!!

08 Christmas in Memphis

Ruby & Trip got the most adorable pedal cars from YaYa & D-Daddy. Trip wanted the pink one so Ruby was happy to trade for a little while.

Aren't these great pics of the kids with their Uncle Jer?

Here's the annual Davis family photo taken by neighbor Bob in front of the Christmas tree.

Pickin' Pecans

While visiting Grandad (mom's Dad) over the holidays, Dad, Rex, Ruby, and I went out to pick pecans from Grandad's yard. The four of us really enjoyed ourselves- especially when Rex would shake the limbs and get pummeled with pecans. =).............. by the way, Trip was taking a nap.

Christmas with Sandra

Thank you Ms. Sandra for all of our Christmas goodies! Ruby LOVES her cool doll. I've already washed her several times (She came with markers so you can decorate her yourself). Trip is constantly loading goodies into his truck and they both adore the giant Mr. Potato Head. Rex thanks you for his undies (I suggested she get him that) and I listen to my Avalon CD's while I'm cooking dinner. You were sooooo kind and thoughtful to do that for us.

Santa 2008

Ruby & Trippers made S'mores for Santa and Rex carried on the Davis tradition of reading The Night Before Christmas to the kids on Christmas Eve.

I tried numerous times to get a good Christmas morning picture of the kids but they were only interested in playing with all the new stuff.

Santa brought Rube's a Sleeping Beauty dress and a matching one for Millie!

Here are the custom plates I ordered for the kids from Cupcakes & Caterpillars. Too cute!

08 Christmas in Heber

Just a few cute pics during Christmas in Heber. Here are the kids with Rex's Dad, Pappaw, and his mom, Mammaw Jessie.