Monday, July 9, 2007

Ruby's Rainy Day

Ruby got this adorable rain slicker and boots yesterday from her YaYa and D-Daddy. Today, she was quick to notice that it was raining and was excited to go try them out. She helped me walk some mail to the mailbox and then took a few splashes in some puddles. I love to see how such simple things can bring so much joy to a child!

Ruby's 2nd Birthday

Check out the adorable Max & Ruby cake that my mom made. Ruby loved it and it was mighty tasty!! Thank you YaYa!
Here is my mom with Trip.

It seems that I got lots of good pictures of everyone but the birthday girl! To the left is my dear friend, Somer and her CUTE little girl and Ruby's best friend, Vivian. Though I think she looks absolutely beautiful, I know Somer would want me to make it known that she is 8+ months pregnant. Baby Bauer, who is destined to be Trip's best buddy, will be arriving soon.

All the guys seemed to enjoy just hanging out in the kitchen. Up above is my handsome brother, Jeremy, then my Dad (D-Daddy), Rex's Dad (Pappaw), Rex's brother, Cash, and of course, Rex.

Happy 2nd birthday Ruby!!!

My New Hobby

Well, I finally decided to get out that sewing machine that my mom got me over a year ago. I've made a few burp cloths but am most proud of this valance that I made for our kitchen. What do you think Katie? =)....... Oh, and I should mention that Rex helped too. He did all of the stapling of the fabric and cording onto the board. You can't see it very well in this picture but he did a great job of creating a pleat on each side with how he stapled the fabric.

July the 4th

We didn't do anything special for the 4th but I went on and dressed the kids in red, white, and blue. Isn't Trip starting to look a lot like Rex? It's getting more and more difficult to get a good picture of Ruby these days but Trip is always camera ready and sporting a big smile.