Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Happy Mother's Day to ME!!

New Year's 2008, Rex was out of town and when I went to bed that night I found a card under my pillow with a ring inside that looked exactly like this one. I assumed that it was real. 2 days later I said to Rex, "Honey, I love my ring but where did you get it? Several stones have fallen out." He says, "Well, that's to be expected since I got it from Dillard's for $15!" I felt so silly. He truly wasn't trying to pull one over on me. He assumed that I would immediately know it was a fake. I was just sad because I really loved the ring and now it looked bad with several stones missing. I had forgotten about that and was totally surprised on Mother's Day when he gave me a little box with the real thing inside..... The peridot looks darker in the photos. It's more of a light lime or apple green in person. My fave color!! ......Yes, he's a keeper!...... I'll keep Rex too. =)