Tuesday, March 17, 2009

A Yellow St. Patrick's Day

Today the kids and I took our annual trip to the Wye Mountain Daffodil Festival. It was a very pleasant day, even though I am disappointed in the pictures- 90 photos and these were the best I could get!

We enjoyed a picnic lunch of butterfly shaped sandwiches under the big tree.
.......... This picnic blanket was the only way Ruby would sit down. She was a total diva and refused to sit on the grass to have her picture made.

This sums up Trip's cooperation for having his picture taken today. I also have a couple of pics with a finger up his nose. He's definitely becoming a true 2 yr. old boy.

We ended our day with a 1st time trip to the new Maggie Moo's. Ruby picked strawberry with white chocolate chips and Trip had banana (it was real banana not the fakey stuff) with marshmallows which was yum. I had red velvet with brownies that was absolutely sinful!............ and to make our already great day even better, Rex just called at 4:20 to say he was on his way home! Rexy home before 6:30- WOW!!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

St. Patty's Party

Saturday night our Crosswalk Sunday morning class came over for a St. Patrick's Day party and we had THE BEST time! Thank you everyone for the yummy food, great laughs, and just overall fun evening. We'll definitely do it again next year.... ladies, we have a year to be thinking about our limericks!(each of the guys wrote a limerick about his wife and it was too funny.)

St. Patty's Party

Monday, March 9, 2009

The Zoo..........again

Ruby often asked to have her picture taken at random moments. Here, she wanted me to take a picture of her and Trip in the van. Trip wasn't really into that idea. I look forward to the day that they'll cooperate for photos at the same moment.

The lorikeets were out and about today and Bauer especially gotta a kick out of 'em. He giggled and giggled...... he didn't get his love of birds from Somer, though. =)

Monday, March 2, 2009

Preschool MANIA!!!

This morning I got up at 1 A.M. to get in line at 2nd Pres. for fall preschool registration which began at 5 a.m. When Kristen and I arrived around 1:35 this is what we found. Too funny!! The guy in the sleeping bag had been there since 5 p.m.!! We got there just in time because the line quickly began to grow right after we arrived. Kristen and I were #'s 7 & 8 on a list of about 50 but it was worth it. We got we wanted- the last 2 spots in the 4 yr. old class for Samuel and Ruby and the last spot in the 2 yr. old class for Trip! (If they didn't get in today they would have been put on the waiting list and probably would've gotten in later. It's just nice to know and not have to worry about it) Yippee!! ............ By the way, we didn't have to sit in the cold for 3 1/2 hours. Everyone just took a chair to hold their spot and then got back in their cars until it got close to 5.............. Now, I just have to get kindergarten figured out.

Gymnastics Play Date

Friday morning we went to the Maumelle Mommy & Me gymnastics play date. I thought Trip would particularly enjoy this since he's always watching Ruby have fun from afar and has never had a chance to check out the equipment for himself. As you can see, he loved it and was constantly on the move. This will definitely be a new monthly outing for us.

Ms. Independent

While I worked last Saturday, Ruby went into "cleaning mode." Rex said that she immaculately cleaned her room and the playroom (without being asked) and then she asked Rex if he was going to pick up his stuff. He told her "later" (no surprise there), so Ruby went on made up our bed. Then, on Sunday morning, before I even knew she was awake, I found Ruby who declared "I'm already dressed and ready for Bible class." Niiiiiiiice outfit! Fortunately it was really cold so she didn't mind putting a shirt on underneath that corduroy jumper and some tights instead of the hot pink socks. Way to be a big girl, Rubes!

Welcome, Baby Adyson

On Feb. 20th our friends and neighbors, the Brzezinski's, welcomed baby #3- a little girl named Adyson. She's sooooooo sweet and beautiful and to her mother's delight, a super laidback & go-with-the-flow baby. Welcome to the neighborhood, Adyson!

Valentines 2009

The Valentine "Fairy" brought each of the kids a balloon, kite, paint with water book, and a box of chocolates.

Getting to have 1 piece of chocolate for breakfast.

We went to the Maumelle Mommy and Me Valentine party and Ruby colored a picture with special markers that was turned into a plate. I explained to Ruby that she needed to make her picture extra special because it would be turned into a plate for her to eat on that we would keep forever. She still insisted that her Valentine plate needed a huge tomato with a butterfly on top. I was a little sad to pay $6 for this but it will be fun to have to remember this stage in years to come.