Monday, November 3, 2008

Halloween 2008

These pics loaded in an odd order so I'll do my best to explain each photo. MOPS had a hayride for the kids the week before Halloween and had a fall scene set up for taking pictures (last pic). Of course, Trip was just interested in playing with the little "bopkins" as he calls them. Fortunately, YaYa got some great pics of them at her house in their matching outfits that she made for Jer and I in probably 1982........Thursday night we went to a Halloween carnival with the Brzezinski's at the Maumelle Community Center. Ruby wore her Jasmine costume and we had planned for Trip to wear his Elmo costume. Trip apparantly now has a major aversion for costumes. He refused to wear Elmo or his knight dress-up outfit. Finally we dressed him in his baseball jersey and hat. Thanks for the Halloween costume Ms. Sandra!! =) Halloween day I took the kids to Chik-fil-A for lunch and to Toy Up to browse toys for Christmas. Ruby wore Belle and Trip his football jersey. Doesn't he look like such a big boy? ......... Halloween night we headed to Trunk-or Treat at Crosswalk where Ruby wore Jasmine, Trip a baseball player, and I at the very last minute decided to go as Sarah Palin which was a big hit. I squeezed into one of my old suits, donned my glasses, a swept back and teased up hairdo, and an American flag sticker that I found in my craft cabinet. It was a fun Halloween. If only I could just toss all this candy without Ruby noticing. =)