Sunday, July 17, 2011


 We spent the first part of our 1st day at Epcot because it was the last day of the Flower & Garden Festival. The flowers and topiaries were gorgeous and beyond impressive.

 We loved the Nemo ride "The Seas."
Tinkerbell's pals, Rosetta and Vidia
 We're so glad we went to Epcot when we did because there were tons of opportunities to meet characters this particular day that we were told weren't there later in the week.
The Incredibles!

Mr. Frederickson and Russell from Up!

Mr. Potato Head and Lotso!

the gang from Monsters Inc.
 Jasmine was probably our favorite princess that we got to meet. She was particularly friendly and engaging with the kids and was, of course, so pretty!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Disney Bound with a Blast from the Past

 May 14, 2011- So excited to board our plane for Disney World! This was Trip's first plane ride and Ruby's 1st since she was 6 months old. We had a plane change on the way to Orlando in Charlotte.
 Enjoying their sunny window seats.

 In the early summer of 1985 my brother and I took our first flights on a trip to Disney World and we were the exact same age as Ruby and Trip- almost 6 and 4.

 Lovin' that seat fabric! Beautiful YaYa with adorable Jeremy and me...... or could that be Ruby? There's no denying the resemblance! I guess my Cabbage Patch was hungry.
 Trip, minus the brown eyes, also favors his Uncle Jer. Trip even has those same shoes that Jer had in 1985. Now it's clear where I get my good fashion sense. ;)

Saturday, July 9, 2011

We're Going to Disney World!!

The first week of May we went to the local United Healthcare office where they made the official announcement to Trip that they were granting his wish to go to Disney World! Not only did they send our family to Disney World but they spoiled Trip and Ruby rotten with lots of gifts to make the occasion even more special. We feel so very blessed and are eternally grateful for United Healthcare and the Make-a-Wish organization. After this year of intense stress with health problems, a family vacation away from it all was indeed what the doctor ordered. We had a blast and made lifelong memories which I will post soon. Thank you United Healthcare and Make-a-Wish!!

Easter 2011

We spent Easter with my family in Memphis and enjoyed a delicious lunch cooked by YaYa and an egg hunt in their backyard.

Ruby Loses Her First Tooth

Putting her tooth in it's special box for the tooth fairy.

On April 20, 2011 Ruby lost her first tooth. The tooth fairy left a silver dollar, $5, and a new toothbrush along with some residual fairy dust!

Spring Visit to Chicago

Trip was thrilled to now be tall anough to ride the ride at Legoland!

 We went to Chicago in April for another visit with Dr. Pachman. The rest of the pics were taken at the Kohl's Children's Museum which we visited for the first time. The kids enjoyed it but I definitely prefer the Chicago Children's Museum at Navy Pier.

Partying with Chuck E.!

Bauer, Trip & Setler

Jase & Trip

James & Trip

Vivian & Ruby

Ruby & Danny

Trip goggles up and prepares for the Ticket Blaster!!

The Birthday Boy in the Ticket Blaster! Too funny!
Trip chose to celebrate his 4th birthday, March 30th, 2011 at Chuck E. Cheese. Family & friends made it a super fun and special day!