Thursday, September 9, 2010

Fun Times at ACH

(This probably isn't the best post to include this pic but I remembered it when I started discussing the kids playing doctor. Trip pretended that puppy's dog bowl was a "banana mask" and he was about to have surgery. Before Trip's procedures in Chicago they gave him banana flavored gas. Too cute!)
The numerous hours that we've spent at Arkansas Children's Hospital over the past few weeks, fortunately, haven't all been about port access and medicines. We've managed to make a few fun memories too. We discovered a couple of fun play areas that the kids have really enjoyed: the large one outside the main lobby and a quaint kids courtyard on the 3rd floor.

They were thrilled to have some masks to add to their doctor's kit.
Last week a child-life specialist brought the kids some toys to play with during his infusion. Yea!
Here's a cute video from the 3rd floor courtyard.