Thursday, September 9, 2010

A Very Asian Dinner

A couple of weeks ago Rex's Aunt and Uncle, Eric and Joann, came down from Heber with their kids Harley and Waverlee (Brock was at a sleepover) and we all had dinner at Sekisui. Yes, the title of this post is a well-intended joke. When I said that I was so glad that we came to eat here and that we've been waiting for a good excuse to take the kids here 16 yr. old Harley said, "What? You've been waiting for the Asians?" Ha ha. Waverlee is from China and Joann and Harley are part Korean.
It really was a fun night , especially since we got to hang out with family that we don't see very often.
We meant to get a group picture but were apparantly too pre-occupied with the yummy food and the entertaining cooking show!
After dinner we went back to our place for dessert and a hysterical game of Loaded Questions. Thanks for the fun night Decker Fam!