Monday, August 9, 2010

Our New Boy

Rex and I have been so amazed by the drastic change that we've seen in Trip after just two weeks of treatment. He is so energetic & often downright hyper! A part of this could be the steroids themsleves, but it appears that he's now the on-the-move 3 year old boy that he was intended to be. Over the past year we've just assumed that Trip's subdued behavior was just his personality, but now it's clear how poorly he must've felt. Frequently over the past 6 or more months Trip would ask us to carry him and say, "I too busy to walk." This past Saturday we spent several hours out running errands and Trip said with excitement, "I'm not too busy anymore! I feel better and I want to walk." He walked, well actually ran, most of the day on Saturday and never once asked to be carried. We've also been keeping a close eye on his neck strength and he can now lift his head up for 2 seconds. Actually, I forgot to mention in the previous post that on Wednesday in Chicago the PT examined Trip and found that he could slightly lift his head after having 1 steroid treatment! Rex and I never expected to see such quick improvement. Praise God!!

The video above is a snippet of the near hour I spent a couple of days ago trying to get Trip to take a nap unsuccessfully. He's clearly energetic! Though he's now not napping as frequently as before, he crashes hard in the evenings and is asleep almost instantly when his head hits the pillow. Thank you all for the many prayers that you've lifted up for our little man. God has heard our plea!


Hannah said...

Stephanie, I have been keeping up with your blog posts about Trip's condition, and I am so glad that the treatments are working. I am keeping y'all in my prayers. You have such a beautiful family.