Thursday, September 9, 2010

Three Firsts for Trippy

Now that Trip is feeling better we're seeing him blossom in so many different ways. Last week when I picked the kids up from Bible study I was shocked to learn that Trip, not Ruby, had colored this picture. Now every day he's asking to color and is creating masterpieces like his big sis!
For the longest we thought it was so bazaar that Trip refused to push the pedals on a tricycle. We would show him what to do, give him a push to get started but he would always insist on scooting it around with his legs. After his JDM diagnosis we realized that it was likely impossible for him to push the pedals. Poor guy! Well, Saturday we took our bikes to the park and he took off! Video evidence is below. Praise God!
Last night I was about to leave Trip's room after putting him to bed and he randomly says, "Mommy, I can write my name." What? So I get him out of bed, hand him some paper and a marker and voila! He writes his name. Again, video evidence below. After I put him back to bed I found this Grandparent's Day card in his backpack with a note from his teacher saying "We were so impressed that Trip can write his name!" So, sorry grandparents, I think I'll have to keep this one in the special Trip box. ......Way to go, Trip! We're so proud of you and your recent accomplishments!