Monday, August 27, 2007

Trip at 5 months

I can't believe Trip is almost 5 months! Today he loved sporting the sticker that sissy gave him.

He's now eating some cereal at night for dinner. Yesterday he cut his 1st tooth so he'll be chewin' in no time.
I have several cute pics of Ruby in Bible class at this age so I wanted to get some of Trip. Unfortunately, Trip is an empathy cryer and it seems like there's always someone in his class that's screamin' at the top of their lungs which makes him very uneasy. He's Mr. Happy Pants just as long as everybody else is happy. What a sweet, caring guy!


Mittig family said...

Hey Stephanie! I'm excited that y'all will be in Dallas-we're in town this weekend, so we're up for lunch if y'all have the time. What kind of things does Ruby like? Why don't you just e-mail me and we can go from there. It's Talk to you soon!

mkburcham said...

Hey Steph! Great pics. I am glad you went to your reunion, wasn't it crazy seeing everyone from high school!! You looked great! Also, Ruby is a doll, she seems like she has a fun little time exploring..and isn't Trip so sweet, I love that he is Mr. Happy Pants if everyone else is!! He is a cutie! I am glad you are doing well! Love Mer

Susan said...

I hate the contagious cry. Setler gets it occasionaly.