Thursday, August 9, 2007

Ruby's Day with "Carnie" Dora

I'm sorry Vivian, but I think you've been replaced by Ruby's new best friend, Carnie Dora (Ruby won her at the county carnival with her Nene and Pappaw). Today I was in the kitchen and heard Ruby having a conversation with someone in the living room. Carnie Dora had joined Ruby at the picnic table and they were sharing a snack. Then they had some fun together with the JohnnyJumper.

......... then the rocking chair.
Fortunately, Carnie Dora got tired and wanted to take a nap.
Then Ruby decided that her little bro. was much more fun!!!


clif, somer, and vivian said...

wwwwwwhat? are you kidding? we HAVE to come over now...but hide the dora first...i can only imagine the amount of fighting such a high-end toy could evoke!! ;)