Friday, August 3, 2007

Ok, here it goes....

I've Been TAGGED.....

1. God, Rex, Ruby, and Trip are my passion.
2. I pray daily that I will be a good steward of Ruby & Trip's lives.
3. I too am very obsessive about my house, though you wouldn't know that at the moment by the piles of laundry needing to be folded on my kitchen counters.

4. I recently took up sewing though I can't seem to find time to do it lately.
5. I think my Honda Odyssey minivan is super cool! I wouldn't drive anything else!
6. I am endlessly thankful for what an amazing provider Rex is and that I am able to stay home to raise my babies.
7. Rex is my best friend.
8. Rex means "king" and Stephanie means "queen or crowned one."
9. I have almost every single card or note that I've received from anyone since 7th grade.
10. One of my proudest moments was giving birth to Trip naturally.
11. I desperately miss Italy and traveling abroad.
12. I still dream of one day living in New York City.
13. I am very excited about having a little extra money that I will earn myself from my new job.
14. I really want a 3rd baby but Rex says, "NO!"
15. I hope that our children can go to a private Christian school but a small part of me would consider homeschooling.
16. I am uplifted by my
MOPS girls.
17. I LOVE Little Rock but do miss Memphis.
18. I miss my Harding Academy and HU girls.
19. I am thankful for my new friend,
Somer- a true friend and inspiration.
20. Seeing Somer deal with the loss of her mother has helped me understand how hard it must have been on my mother.
21. Ruby and Trip have the 4 most awesome grandparents in the world.
22. I am addicted to sugar and the internet.
23. I love Starbucks Frappucinnos and Planet Smoothie.
24. As is no surprise from #23, I still need to lose 20 pounds from my pregnancy with Trip.
25. We're shopping for a treadmill at the moment.
26. I try to buy organics and absolutely no products that are enriched or contain high fructose corn syrup or anything hydrogenated.
27. My mother is amazing. She inspires me.
28. I can't stand for the toilet lid to be left up.
29. I wish a could go to the movies more often.
30. I'm looking forward to my high school reunion in 3 weeks.
31. Recently I feel a desire to develop a deeper relationship with Christ.
32. I hate scrapbooking.
33. I'm 28 and still have issues with acne.
34. I love to sing but have never been comfortable singing solo.
35. Ironically, I want to take guitar lessons.
36. People tell me that I have really tiny ears.

37. My brother is the funniest person I've ever known.

38. I love to entertain and have company over.

39. Rex and I LOVE to cruise!

40. I've given up rap and only listen to Christian radio. I have no clue what music is now popular.

41. I don't think I will ever have plastic surgery.

42. I hate to clean the shower and mop floors so Rex usually does those things.

43. My favorite colors are bright greens and blues.

44. I can't swallow big pills.

45. I don't buy DVDs (except for Ruby and Trip). There are very few movies that I would want to see more than once.

46. I go to garage sales almost every weekend.

47. Bananas make my gums sore and peeling potatoes makes my hands sting and itch.

48. I recently started praying and reading Bible stories with Ruby before bed and it has become my favorite time of the day.

49. I have a crush on Trip. He is just the cutest thing ever.

50. I'm ashamed to admit that I like "Sex in the City" and "Grey's Anatomy" and that I think "Knocked Up" may be the funniest movie I've ever seen.

51. At the movies I would much rather have Raisinets, preferably dark chocolate ones, than popcorn.

52. I'm proud of the recent progress that I've made in computer knowledge. A few months ago I don't think I was totally sure what a blog was!

53. My bunko group is a ton of fun.

54. I like to bowl and play tennis but never do.

55. I wish Rex and I had more time together with just the 2 of us.

56. I'm a major Wheelhead. Every night at 6:30 you can bet that Wheel of Fortune is on at my house.

57. I love board games, especially Scrabble.

58. I only have 1 grandparent still living. I have fun memories of playing Gin Rummy (spelling- ?) with him and still do sometimes when I visit.

59. I'm giving a baby shower tomorrow that I should be preparing for but instead I'm sitting here trying to come up with 100, which feels like 1000, things about myself!

60. I'm not a picky eater at all but I think pork rinds are absolutely disgusting.

61. As most know, someone attempted to kidnap me when I was in 1st grade.

62. I LOVE Disney World and can't wait for Ruby and Trip to be old enough to go.

63. I'm developing a weird obsession with monogramming. If I had the time and $ I'd probably monogram every possible thing in my house.

64. I collect Limoge boxes and Fleur de Lis.

65. I don't iron.

66. I never get tired of Seinfeld reruns.

67. I can't tell you the last book that I read, which makes me feel completely uncivilized, but that's just the season of life that I'm in right now.

68. I've been all over Europe but have never been to California.

69. A couple of years ago I saw Steven Tyler at a movie theatre here in Little Rock and we made eye contact!!!

70. I wish I could read the Bible much more often.

71. I can't live without Bare Minerals, Clean 'n Clear oil absorbing sheets, and Shiseido mascara.

72. I wish I could get a pedicure and a massage every week.

73. I love that Rex wears swimtrunks when he and Ruby take a shower together. (not because i think he should- it just cracks me up)

74. I love how Rex loves to spend time with our kids.

75. I've never had to deal with a major tragedy in my life and I am fearful of that day.

76. I really think 28 is going to be the best year ever for me.

77. I feel like I'm discovering and accepting my true self.

78. I've always wondered why they don't just make ketchup packets bigger since everyone uses more than one.

79. I've never liked to drink water but have gotten better about it since getting pregnant with Ruby.

80. I love new challenges.

81. I get a true rush from finding a great bargain.

82. I love to go to consignment shops.

83. I like to cook and try new recipes but don't often since Rex is the pickiest eater ever and he is rarely home for dinner.

84. I can't stand for my bed to be unmade.

85. If Rex gets in the bed first, I will straighten the sheets and retuck them before I get into the bed..... I call it my fluff. I have to do a fluff.

86. I also have to have the throw pillows stacked a certain way on the floor. They can't just be tossed aside.

87. I almost always eat meals 1 item at a time i.e. all of the corn, then all of the green beans, then the chicken.

88. My brother does this too and my parents are stumped as to why because they don't.

89. A few months ago I gave away my 2 cats that I had for 6 years and it was really hard for me.

90. I keep in touch with the sweet lady that took them and she has given me a new perspective on life. I am very appreciative of her.

91. Getting rid of the cats has made my life easier by leaps and bounds- no litter box or fur.

92. I miss singing in choirs like I did all through high school.

93. I wish I could just hang out with my brother more.

94. I'm proud of him for going to law school and passing the bar.

95. I need to get a cushion for my computer chair because my rump hurts.

96. I love that Rex and Ruby go on bike rides together.

97. I look forward to when Trip is big enough to go so we can all go for rides as a family.

98. I'm craving a shaved ice right now.

99. I could not be more happy and content with my life right now.

100. I am truly blessed- thank you God!

Whoooo- that was a doozy! I tag Summer and Somer.


Jason and Karrie Wright said...

Okay I seriously just sat here and read 100 things about you. Once I started I just couldn't stop! Can you tell me more about "stuck on you" I've never heard of it. How did you get into it and what do you have to do?

Katie Land said...

Great job steph- I loved reading your 100 things... I can tell that you are truly happy in your life and that is awesome! I love that you set up your blog...nice work on the new business venture. Good luck to you- I know you will be great at it. Talk to you soon!!

mkburcham said...

Steph- I really enjoyed reading all these 100 things about you- I found some interesting, fun things about you! You seem very content with you life-and very blessed! I love this blogging world-and am so thankful I get to keep in touch with the Harding girls! Good luck wiht you business.what a cute idea!! Love ya! Mer