Saturday, August 11, 2007

Our day in the backyard

We spent a couple of hours today just hangin' out in the blow-up pool. Ruby and Trip are already starting to enjoy playing together and it's fun to watch them interacting...... Kudos to the inventor of the swim diaper! Check out Trip's giant diaper bomb!


Mittig family said...

I love the "diaper bomb" picture! He looks so happy to be lugging around a ten pounder! Looks like y'all had a great time in the yard. BTW, you look great in that picture of you at the baby shower-I definitely didn't see 20 pounds of baby weight! Love-Summer

amber said...

Love the post about Ruby and "Carnie" Dora. I can relate... Grant has this pretty good size toy alligator and he takes him everywhere. He feeds him food, plays with him on our play set in the yard, and today he decided he needed a diaper change so he got out the wipes and everything. 2 year olds are hilarious! So nice to catch up with you again!