Sunday, August 5, 2007

Somer's Shower...... not so fragrant!

I love this picture because it isn't often that I'm the tall one! Very pregnant Somer is in the middle and to the left is her close friend, Celeste, who I guess I can say is now my friend. I thought the event went splendidly aside from the TUNA bouquet! All three of us smelled something stank but hated to say something. I was thinking that it was Celeste house, Celeste was thinking that it was the flowers I had just bought, yadda yadda. Well finally I had to admit that something smelled fishy and Celeste was right! The culprit was this Limonium or Statice, that I found a picture of below, that was in the floral arrangement. It smelled like a mix of tuna fish and a corpse!! From what I've read online, this shouldn't always smell this badly so just be sure you take a whif of Limonium before you buy it. Rotting corpse isn't exactly the scent that you want welcoming your guest to a baby shower. Not to worry though, we pulled all of the Stank Weed out and gave the house a good Febreze which I think fixed the problem. We were left with a slightly skimpy floral arrangement but that was much better than smelling death while trying to enjoy ice cream.


Katie Land said...

That's awesome!! i can see you sniffing around the house and not wanting to say anything! Halarious!!

Susan said...

The shower was a juge success. You were a hostess with the mostest. I didn't smell a thing either!