Saturday, January 30, 2010

Snow, Sleds &....... an Exersaucer?

This morning we woke up with enough snow to hit the slopes a.k.a. our street, front yard and driveway. If you've been to our house you know that that isn't much of a stretch. Days like today are the few days out of the year that we love our hilly neighborhood.
And thanks to YaYa & D-Daddy's forsight many years ago, we actually have 2 snow boards.

Since we have so few snowy days, many Southerners don't have sleds and just get crafty with things like garbage can lids or Rubbermaid bin tops. But the award for craftiest sledding participant goes to...... drum roll.......drum roll..... the Brzezinski family for the use of an Exersaucer! Nothing quite beats seeing 4 yr. old Gavin sliding down our street on baby sister's Exersaucer! Thanks for the laugh B's!
Afterwards we warmed up with hot chocolate in front of the fire..... which they insisted on drinking through a straw.
Thank you God for the snow! Please come again soon!