Wednesday, January 20, 2010


On New Year's Day, I left Rex at home to work on potty-training Trip and I took Ruby skating for the first time. YaYa had been reminding me that I was about 4 when I learned to skate so it was getting time to teach Ruby.
We ice skated first which Ruby wasn't a huge fan of. She did eventually let go of the wall and held my hand for a couple of spins around the rink. She was cold though and anxious to go try roller skating..... I was happy to take off the ice skates too. I don't remember ice skating being so torturous on your ankles! I'm probably just getting old.
Roller skating was a big hit! She held my hand for the first couple of loops and then was on her own! She's saying that she wants to have a roller skating birthday party. Yea Ruby! I had a really good time myself and am looking forward to visiting the rinks again soon.