Friday, February 19, 2010

Snowed In

It's funny how quickly the excitement over snow can quickly dwindle. A good snow in Central Arkansas is pretty rare but even more rare is the kind of snow that can produce a decent snowman. I was super excited to build our first snowman with the kids. Well, I get everybody bundled up and we start to head out the door when Trip decides that he's NOT going outside. He wouldn't even stand on the front step and watch. He was content to just admire it from the comfort of our warm house. Then about 5 minutes into our snowman building, I turn around to see Ruby heading back into the house. What party poopers!! The kid in me was determined to make a snowman so I completed the task all by myself. I'm sure the neighbors were amused.
Maybe they'll be ready to brave the wet and cold with me the next time we have a snowman-worthy snowfall...... And if the weather follows the same pattern that it did when I was a kid, that won't happen till they're 30!