Saturday, January 30, 2010

The 100th Day of School

When I picked the kids up from school on Tuesday, Ruby was very excited that the next day was going to be the 100th day of school and she explained what fun things they were going to do at school to celebrate. She was very disappointed when I reminded her that she didn't go to school on Wednesdays, so we did some celebrating of our own. On Wednesday morning we baked a cake and, while it was in the oven, did some "100" artwork.
This is what Ruby drew to depict what she'll look when she's 100 years old. She explained that it's night time and she's sitting on a swing on a porch sipping pink lemonade. When has she seen an old Bartles & James or Country Time lemonade commercial?
Trip definitely gave his artwork his own spin. He drew "the world with a mountain in Arkansas and a mommy cloud with baby clouds." Nice job, Trippy!
If Ruby had $100 she would "buy a crown since I am a princess..... and a train for Trip and some books.....and maybe some more money." She also explained that in the picture she and Trip are standing on a tile floor under a ceiling fan. Nice detail, Ruby! .....and that idea of buying more money- brilliant!
If Trip had $100 he would...... and he drew a picture of "scary Ruby." Well, I've seen scary Ruby many times and this is quite accurate. Good work, Trip!
Ruby just wanted to pose for a shot.
And after lunch we had fun with the return of the roller coaster that has had a long hiatus in the garage.

Later that afternoon some neighborhood friends joined us for cake and we sang a lovely rendition of "Happy 100th Day of School to Us."
In the end, I don't think Ruby was quite as disappointed to have missed school that day.