Friday, June 1, 2007

Trip's check-up

Today Trip had his 2-month check-up and he weighs 12 pds. 13oz. and is 24 in (58th and 70th percentiles). He got 4 shots and is now running a low grade fever as a result. Poor little man........... On the way home from the dr.'s office I stopped at a few garage sales in Maumelle and found some great bargains including a dancing Dora cowgirl doll, a Dora table with umbrella and lawnchairs, a talking Sit and Spin, and an adorable ladybug rainslicker with matching rainboots all for Ruby. And best of all, a $100 video monitor for $12 but we're still determining if it's going to work. It may turn out to not be so great of a deal. I now have the "bug" and hope to get up and go garaging again tomorrow. ................ Also today, I was excited that I was able to wiggle myself into a pair of pre-Trip jeans. I had to wear a loose fitting top though since I was suffering from a severe case of muffin top (fat puffing over the top of the jeans). But hey- I was in the jeans so it was an overall pretty good day.


Nena Reeves said...

I'm not sure I even know how to leave a comment but I am going to try. And to think I felt so superior to Wayne who didn't know what a blog was! I can't wait to see how much Trip has grown. He certainly is getting tall (long). And I can't wait to see how Ruby loves her Dora the Cow Girl.