Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Ruby's Latest Antics

No, this isn't Trip's Johnny Jumper. This is Ruby's indoor swing! I got it out the other day to see if Trip was ready for it but when I left the room Ruby claimed it as her own. She was going wild and luckily she and her 30 lbs. didn't completely rip the frame off the door. She was having way too much fun to stop and look at the camera. After numerous attempts this was the best shot that I could get.


Katie Land said...

That made me laugh out loud!!! I can't believe your door frame is still up... Does homeowners insurance cover a 30 pounder ripping a door frame off with a johnny jump up? I love that she got in that thing and was having the best time ever. Nice editing there Steph on the other picture. You crack me up!

mkburcham said...

Steph- Sounds as though there is never a dull moment at your house--you are so funny!! I love it.

Mittig family said...

That picture is hilarious-I'm impressed with your editing abilities! How old is Ruby? She sounds like she's keeping you on your toes and making you laugh all the time! Kids are the greatest.