Thursday, June 7, 2007

Our day in Hot Springs

Our favorite part of the day was the funhouse mirror at the Mid-America Science Museum. Isn't this a fabulous family photo? I think it's perfect for our Christmas cards this year!

Ruby loved feeding the coi and the "mommy and daddy" ducks.

Ruby discovers a turtle at Garvan Woodland Gardens.


mkburcham said...

Steph- your kids are so cute! Ruby is just such a cute little girl-I am trying to see who she looks like more...and Trip is a cutie pie! You look good too-I love keeping up with you on your blog now!
Love Mer

Mittig family said...

Hey! I found your blog through Meredith's-your kids are adorable! How old is Ruby? My oldest just turned two and I had a baby in March-it looks like she and Trip are about the same age. Two is so much different than one, isn't it? Glad to hear you're doing well and I'm excited to be able to keep up with you through your blog!
Love Summer

clif, somer, and vivian said...

i love the pic of ruby and rex feeding the fish! and i totally expect my christmas card to have the "feet" picture ;) glad to see you enjoyed hot springs!!

Emma Cate said...

Hey Steph! The kids are so cute, I love Ruby and the turtle! I am glad we can keep in touch now! Our blog is Candice said it wasn't working for you! Good to hear from you!
love ya!