Thursday, June 14, 2007

Fun with Hunter and Avery

Hunter and Avery, Jared and Shelby's kids, came over to play today while they got moved into their new house. Unlike Ruby these days, Hunter and Avery were more than happy to stop and pose for the camera. When it got time to go get in the pool, their swimsuits were nowhere to be found so 5-year old Hunter squeezed himself into Trip's size 24 month swimtrunks! Hunter endlessly amused Ruby with his flips and "dives" into the pool. Thanks for a fun day Hunter and Avery!


Katie Land said...

Wow, look at are doing great... I for some reason didn't have your blog set to my favorites so I have been forgetting to check it. You have been very busy!! I love it. I need to really step it up....I love Ruby's facial expressions. She and Trip are extremely cute. Talk to you soon!