Thursday, September 1, 2011

Disney's Hollywood Studios

 Doing some blog catch-up again.....After visiting Epcot during our first day at Disney, we headed to Hollywood Studios that evening. Ruby- always the poser!
 "Du.... du du du... du. Handy Manny! Du....du du du....du. Handy Manny!"

 "We're going on a trip in our favorite rocket ship....... Little Einsteins!"
 Pocahontas with ??? ...... her trusty raccoon!
 Mary Poppins with ???. Do those penguins have names?
 The Chipmunks 2011
 The Chipmunks 1985! They haven't aged one bit!
 We enjoyed front row seats to Beauty and the Beast.
 The new Toy Story ride was definitely one of our favorites! It's an interactive game that you play against other ride participants. Rex being quite the sharp-shooter beat everybody!

 Is Ruby flirting with Buzz?

 Dinner at the real Pizza Planet! Trip was so happy that they offered gluten-free pizza!

 He was just slightly excited as we waited for the Muppets 4D show to begin.
Worn out on the tram ride back to our car. It was a VERY fun-filled day!
Jeremy and I with our Mickey ears 1985.