Thursday, September 1, 2011

Cinderella's Royal Table & Fireworks

 Jeremy and I, 1985. He was a typical 4 year old boy not cooperating for pictures! That really looks like it could be Ruby peering out there beside Jer!
 Tuesday we had our much anticipated meal in Cinderella's Castle.
 Snow White, then and now.

 Trippy got a big smooch!!

 It was princesses galore!

 We even got to see Belle in her "daywear." I have to admit that when I first saw Belle in this dress I thought it was Alice in Wonderland!
 They were given a souvenir wand and sword which were quite a hit!
 Make your own ice cream sundaes for dessert. How cool! And gluten-free!

 Later that night we arrived in front of the castle early to get good seats this time for the fireworks.

 One of my personal favorite things during this trip was the laser light show before the fireworks. It's truly amazing how they could completely transform the castle in seconds with lights.
 It even became a stained glass menagerie! And to top off the already incredible show, at the end a REAL Tinkerbell flies out of the tippy top window of the castle on a zip line!!
 Trip LOVES the cool skull & crossbones laser gun he got at the Pirates of the Caribbean ride.
It truly was a magical day!