Thursday, September 1, 2011

Disney's Animal Kingdom

 Winnie & Friends

 Lilo & Stitch!
 Ruby was picked to be a helper at The Lion King show and did a fabulous job! Next time you see her ask her to bleat like a giraffe. It's quite impressive!

 On the African safari

 Ruby did some bird watching.
 Rex and I caught a couple moment on the Triceratop Spin in DinoLand.

 Drenched from the Kali River Rapids! Trip was in the seat that got soaked but he loved every minute of it!
 Ruby finally got a hair wrap that she had been begging for. It actually helped up well and we kept it in her hair for a month.
Wow! This Trip was in May and I can see how much the kids have grown and changed just through the summer. Gotta enjoy every minute!