Friday, February 19, 2010

Our New Pets

We keep coming up with different ways that we can "have a pet" without actually having a pet. First, it was the neighbor's cat (and now there are 2) that sleeps in our attic and hangs out on our back porch every day. For the longest time, Ruby thought that was actually our cat. She even included it in a family picture that she drew at school one time and said that it's name was Petie. Then we won as a gag gift at a Christmas party a light-up fake aquarium that is now on Trip's nightstand. He absolutely loves it! Recently we hung up a birdfeeder on our kitchen window which has become the hot place to be for birds in our neighborhood. At any given time during daylight hours there is atleast 1 bird but often as many as a dozen at our birdfeeder. The kids have really enjoyed watching them and we got a book from the library to help us identify what kinds of birds we see.... And so far, the cat that hangs out on the porch hasn't conflicted with the birds at the feeder!