Thursday, January 22, 2009

Meet the Family

I was hoping these would load in order but, or course, no luck. I noticed that I had a lot of pics from Christmas of people that not everyone knows or that some of you haven't seen since our wedding. #1- Ruby with Emma and Joseph in the background. Emma and Joseph are 2 of the 4 children of my cousin Tracey who is my dad's sister's daughter. #2- Jessie, Me, my bro. Jer, Jordan, and Rex. Jess and Jordan are my mom's brother's kids. #3- Uncle Bob, thrilled with his new Italian cigars that my Dad found him for Christmas. Bob is my dad's sister (Cheryl)'s husband. #4- Rex with Hunter. Hunter is Rex's Dad's brother (Robert)'s grandson. Hunter lives with Robert & Bernice so Ruby and Trip often see him when they go to visit Nene and Pappaw. #5- Eric & Joann Decker. Eric is Rex's mom's brother. The kids are Harley, Brock, and Waverlee. #6- Lee Martin with his fiance, Kelly. Lee is Rex's mom's sister (Becky)'s son. #7- Caleb Decker with fiance, Sarah. Caleb is Rex's mom's other brother (Dwight)'s son. #8- Cash with girlfriend, Brittany.