Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Infamous Racecar Bed

When we started to think about moving Trip out of the crib, Rex immediately insisted that he absolutely had to have a racecar bed, much to my horror. At first I thought he wasn't totally serious but every bed I proposed to Rex, he shot down for not being as cool as a racecar bed. Apparently, Rex's childhood dream was to have one of these beds and this was his last shot at having one! I finally realized that this was something that Rex wasn't going to drop so we compromised by finding a used racecar toddler bed on Craig's List. Atleast he'll grow out of it in a few years! But, I think Trip's grin in the last pic. says that he likes it just a little bit. Thanks so much to D-Daddy for driving out to the boonies of Collierville, TN to pick it up for us..........Oh, Trip has done AWESOME in the transition out of the crib. He hasn't gotten out of his bed once. Even at nap time he just goes to sleep (knock on wood). Way to go, Trippy!