Tuesday, January 27, 2009

How to Get Your Kid to Eat Broccoli

Tonight Trip absolutely refused to take 1 bite of broccoli. Usually, I can manage to get a couple of bites of whatever veggie he's rejecting in him. Tonight after 10 minutes of bribing and persuading we finally got him to put 1 bite in his mouth which he chewed and gagged up when he tried to swallow it. I'm cool with that though. I just wanted him to atleast try it. Apparently, he truly doesn't like broccoli............... unless it's dipped in whipped cream! That can of Reddi-Wip that was sitting on the table was just way too tempting to not give it a try.


Areta said...

I guess that is how I need to try to eat my broccoli because I hate veggies! So cute! Love your blog!