Friday, July 8, 2011

Trippy Goes to the Hospital

Feeling well enough to visit the playroom on our floor.

Enjoying his new color changing cars brought by NeNe.

Enjoying games and crafts at ACH's Camp Wannaplay.

Leaving ACH with a traditional wagon ride.
Last winter, once in November and then again at New Years, Trip came down with a stomach bug that put him in the hospital a few days. For a healthy child, these illnesses wouldn't have been too big of a deal. But, if you have a port and are on immune suppressing drugs, minor illnesses have to be taken seriously. Since he has a port, if he runs a fever he has to be seen by a doc and have his port cultured to make certain it isn't a port infection. Port infections are rare but can be catastrophic, especially with a child that's already weakened. The port cultures take 48 to complete so they always go on and admit and begin antibiotics in case the culture comes back positive. Luckily, both fevers were just a result of a stomach virus and dehydration and he's been perfectly healthy since the last episode at New Years. I'm hoping that he'll be out of the woods enough by this winter to have his port removed before sick season sets in.