Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Disney Bound with a Blast from the Past

 May 14, 2011- So excited to board our plane for Disney World! This was Trip's first plane ride and Ruby's 1st since she was 6 months old. We had a plane change on the way to Orlando in Charlotte.
 Enjoying their sunny window seats.

 In the early summer of 1985 my brother and I took our first flights on a trip to Disney World and we were the exact same age as Ruby and Trip- almost 6 and 4.

 Lovin' that seat fabric! Beautiful YaYa with adorable Jeremy and me...... or could that be Ruby? There's no denying the resemblance! I guess my Cabbage Patch was hungry.
 Trip, minus the brown eyes, also favors his Uncle Jer. Trip even has those same shoes that Jer had in 1985. Now it's clear where I get my good fashion sense. ;)


Evelyn said...

What beautiful children you have!
Evelyn Irwin