Friday, May 21, 2010

A Memphis Mother's Day

On Mom's Day weekend we went to Memphis for a lovely, but quick, visit with Mom, Dad, & Jer. On Saturday afternoon we met them at the zoo.
Rex tested out the "smile capture feature" on my new camera that will take the photo exactly at the right moment when someone smiles and got these 2 cute pics. Cool!.... And thank you Rexy for the much-needed and perfect mom's day gift- a much smaller camera that will fit in my pocket and not take up 1/2 of my purse. So, I now have no excuse to not have my camera with me at all times to capture every precious moment of motherhood.

Rex realized that Trip looks like a little football coach when he wears his headphones over his baseball cap.
And a trip to Memphis is never complete without a ride on the carousel and train at "YaYa's mall."

Not far down the road back towards Little Rock we look back and see Ruby, who rarely sleeps in the car (or ever for that matter), very properly seated and snoozing. Is it just me or does she look 9 ft. tall in this picture?
Thank you family for a very pleasant Mother's Day weekend. It couldn't have been better!